That new diet you saw on Facebook? No. Appetite suppressants? No. Sugar free cakes? No. Nutrition? Yes. Real Food? Absolutely.

Nutrition block1

Food is your fuel for life. What you eat determines so much of how you live. Food habits have transformed drastically over the past decade, as have our lifestyles. Only issue, they are moving in opposite directions of each other. So much refined sugar, fried food and processed junk have entered our diets, and so little movement. Unfortunately, we are trying to make up for it through crash diets, starvation and sometimes, we don’t even try.

This will NOT work.

You know what works? Knowledge. Awareness. Eat. Real. Food.

What if we could understand food better? About when it works and when it doesn’t? Instead of thinking diets, why don’t we think real food?

The truth is, people don’t fail diets. Diets fail people. The construct of dieting as a concept is flawed in our understanding of food.

Read on to understand food and nutrition, and how to make it work for you.

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