"I workout and eat only salads, but I still don't lose weight. So frustrating!" "I work a high-stress job and have no time for this fitness stuff." "I work out hard, and that's enough to keep me fit.

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You probably know by now that there are no shortcuts to fitness. You probably also know that eating clean and training consistently is the only way to truly get fit. But there’s more, and it’s also the game-changer in this whole deal.

If we have to bring it all down to one thing, we’ll split into four actually. We like to call it the Big Four – training, nutrition, sleep and stress. Often times, we find that people tend to focus more on only one or two of these tenets, and forget the importance of the others.

Why is sleep important? What does stress have to do with weight loss? How do you find that balance between the Big Four?

Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t try to channel all your efforts into any one part of the Big4. And how do you achieve that balance? Read on to understand how you can make smart and sustainable changes to your lifestyle, to achieve life-long fitness.

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