Truth About Thyroid And Why It Is So Important

The first time I realised there was something wrong is when my post-workout “power nap” regularly crossed the 3-hour mark. Over time, this became my schedule: wake up at 4.15, workout at 5, come home, make breakfast and lunch, pack up the lunch box for kids, wave them bye-bye, and face plant into bed.  I […]

5 Proven Ways To Achieve Consistency With Your Strength Training

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Wait! Consistent strength training? How is that possible?  “I can never maintain a consistent workout schedule. My motivation starts out strong, but it eventually dwindles.” Sounds familiar? We get it. It may seem difficult to stay consistent with your strength training but trust us – it’s completely doable.  The case for consistency  But what does […]

6 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Better Track Your Fitness Without A Weighing Scale

You’ve been on your fitness journey for quite some time now. And, you decide to hop on those scales. Of course, you’re waiting to be pleasantly surprised with the numbers.  Shock horror, they don’t budge. Worse, they have actually moved in the opposite direction!  The bottom falls out of your world and you decide enough […]

What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of Strength Training?

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Did you know, a study published in the journal “PLoS ONE” showed marked improvement in depression symptoms among women who performed resistance training thrice weekly?  Also, strength training has shown to have anxiolytic effects, meaning it has proven to reduce anxiety. According to this research, resistance (or strength) training at low-to-moderate intensities (namely <70% 1 […]

Getting back to exercise after a long-ish break?

Breaks from training are inevitable for most of us. A few hard days in life or a work trip or vacation will also keep us away from training for a week or two. What one needs following such breaks is simply a gradual ramp up back to previous levels of intensity and volume. But what about longer breaks? What about after a hiatus that lasted a few months as a result of injury or sickness or plain laziness? Here is how you get back to training…

Here’s Why Skinny Will Never Be The New Sexy

Before we get into a specifics, let’s clarify some basics. Most of you are probably used to the term “weight loss” and are ready to do whatever it takes to see that number of the scale drop. Your body is composed of fat, muscle, water, bones, connective tissue and other organs. You are overweight because […]

9 Action Items That Help You Sleep Better

For most of us, sleep quality is affected. And so is sleep quantity. You can read more about understanding the problem here. And we are all in agreement that amongst the various things we need to do to get healthier and fitter, sleep is amongst the simplest and most straightforward. To get started, have you […]

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder? Find out!

With our trainees at The Quad, and quite a few of the communities that we’ve interacted with, we see a frequent occurrence of sleep disorders (yes, sleeping too little is a disorder). Some folks knowingly compromise on it – aware of how much sleep they are getting but unable to fix it. And others are […]

Why Calorie Counting is a Bad Idea

Calorie counting is an “educated guess”, at best. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise unless that person is sitting in a lab somewhere and doing tests to measure calories. This doesn’t mean you ignore food quantity completely and eat as much as you want. Think of calories as fuel. A car or bike needs […]

Obesity: A Serious Problem Among Kids Today

The truth is that we, as a population, are becoming heavier but weaker and unhealthier. We knew this about adults. We see more overweight adults today than we ever have. And we even know why. But kids? Why is this happening to kids?  Not enough movement Kids, more than adults, need movement. They need to […]

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