Strength Training Helps Women Win At Life: Here’s How

Strength, stamina, and agility - all in one place

Are you a woman in your twenties looking to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle and jump on the fitness bandwagon?  a busy mom who wants to care for her body and feel more confident?  Are you simply someone who wants to feel strong, fit, and healthy inside and out?  Strength training is the answer if you […]

Women Need Muscles. Why?

Women are constantly told that lifting weights might If you scoffed at the last point, you do realise that the other suggestions are as improbable as the last one. Women need muscles. And so does every other animal roaming the face of the earth. End of story. Why? To become ‘toned’ Most women walk into a […]

5 Training Myths About Women That Need To Be Shattered Today

Lifting weights will make you big Lifting heavy weights won’t make you the ‘She-Hulk’. Why not? Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone. Since women don’t have as much testosterone in their bodies as men, they can never get as big. Strength training makes you stronger, not necessarily bigger. It also burns fat and helps you […]

The Strength Training Primer For Women You’ve Been Waiting For

Written by Kanchana Paromita Venkatesh for The Quad And we have to deal with all those Cosmo posts featuring suspiciously sweat-free models, waving around 2 lb pink dumbbells (why are they always pink?!). Before we go further, understand that as a woman who is interested in strength training, you are in the minority and you […]

8 DOs To Keep You Fit During Your Pregnancy

1. Walk plenty. Walking is a simple but super tool for pretty much anything. From burning calories to keeping joints healthy to mobilizing our almost-always-sedentary hips, walking does more than what it gets credit for. You’ve already heard pregnant women should walk a lot. That’s true and something you should take seriously. Get at least […]

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