Why Strength Training Is The Elixir You Need In Your Life

In today’s world, where most people stress about meeting deadlines or taking care of their children, they tend to neglect their health. Strength training is one of the essential components in improving one’s life quality as it helps one get on track with all aspects of their life.  Strength training is more than just working […]

How to Live Longer? Research Says Strength Training Can Help!

Experience fitness like never before

There is no magic potion that exists to extend your life. No quick health fixes will reverse the forward march of time.  But what if you want to live longer (and healthier) and do not have access to billions of dollars to invest in longevity research? Is there a way for a regular Joe like […]

Strength Training Helps Women Win At Life: Here’s How

Strength, stamina, and agility - all in one place

Are you a woman in your twenties looking to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle and jump on the fitness bandwagon?  a busy mom who wants to care for her body and feel more confident?  Are you simply someone who wants to feel strong, fit, and healthy inside and out?  Strength training is the answer if you […]

Is Strength Training The Most Wonderful Thing For Joint Health?

Get ready to redefine your fitness goals

Do you dread walking up a flight of stairs because they cause tremendous pain in your joints? Do you lift heavy objects and instantly regret it because you know you may feel the pain for days? Is bending your body a task for you? If yes, then you might want to take your joint health […]

5 Proven Ways To Achieve Consistency With Your Strength Training

Join the Quad Squad and achieve your fitness goals

Wait! Consistent strength training? How is that possible?  “I can never maintain a consistent workout schedule. My motivation starts out strong, but it eventually dwindles.” Sounds familiar? We get it. It may seem difficult to stay consistent with your strength training but trust us – it’s completely doable.  The case for consistency  But what does […]

6 Remarkable Benefits Of Strength Training That Will Make You Start Right Away

Get fit, have fun, and join the Quad community

When you hear the words ‘strength training’, or ‘weight training’, what comes to your mind? Does the thought of lifting weights scare you? Do you think it will drain you out? Or hurt you? Many think lifting weights will make them bulky or would do   more harm than good. No wonder weights have a […]

What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of Strength Training?

Quad: Experience the power of team workouts

Did you know, a study published in the journal “PLoS ONE” showed marked improvement in depression symptoms among women who performed resistance training thrice weekly?  Also, strength training has shown to have anxiolytic effects, meaning it has proven to reduce anxiety. According to this research, resistance (or strength) training at low-to-moderate intensities (namely <70% 1 […]

Is Strength Training Open For All Ages?

Myth-Busting & Must-Know Points About Strength Training Exercises For Women & Men Fact is, there is no age limit for strength training. You can begin your fitness journey  when you’re young, middle-aged, or even during your wiser years.  The goal of fitness coaches should be to create a safe space for people to understand and […]

How Anyone Can Build Muscle & Gain Strength

How Anyone Can Build Muscle & Gain Strength

One of the first things people assume when they hear the words ‘strength training’ and ‘building muscle’ is that they apply only to bodybuilders or serious athletes. We’re going to shatter that stereotype, because the fact is that strength training and muscle building workouts are for men and women from all walks of life and […]

Which One Builds Muscle Faster Free Weights Or Machines?

The machines versus free weights debate has been the hottest yet unresolved discourses in the fitness industry. This debate has lingered for so long dividing the industry into purest who believe in free weight training and those who have embraced mechanical advancements in weight training tools. Let’s be honest. We too as amateurs have been […]

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