In Celebration of Fitness: The Quad’s 9th Sports Day

Were you the sporty kid that excelled at all manners of sport at school and killed it during the annual sports day? Or were you, like me, the one with nose firmly in a book, that preferred to lay low till the frenzy and the “RAH RAH” team / House spirit calmed down to pre-sports […]

In-person Workouts Or Virtual: Which Is Better For You?

Years back, with a new baby and a cold winter, I was going antsy stuck indoors. That was when I discovered American fitness instructor Leslie Sansone and her Walk At Home program.  Day after day, when the baby was asleep, I used to walk in the same spot in my living room, to the cheerful […]

Strong Core, Strong You: How A Killer Core Impacts Your Life

Come clean now – when you sign up for a gym membership or a new workout regime, the first thing that pops into your mind is being the proud owner of six-pack abs? Do you carry the mental image of your favourite actor and their six- or eight-pack abs in that new movie when you […]

Why Strength Training Is The Elixir You Need In Your Life

In today’s world, where most people stress about meeting deadlines or taking care of their children, they tend to neglect their health. Strength training is one of the essential components in improving one’s life quality as it helps one get on track with all aspects of their life.  Strength training is more than just working […]

How to Live Longer? Research Says Strength Training Can Help!

Experience fitness like never before

There is no magic potion that exists to extend your life. No quick health fixes will reverse the forward march of time.  But what if you want to live longer (and healthier) and do not have access to billions of dollars to invest in longevity research? Is there a way for a regular Joe like […]

Strength Training Helps Women Win At Life: Here’s How

Strength, stamina, and agility - all in one place

Are you a woman in your twenties looking to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle and jump on the fitness bandwagon?  a busy mom who wants to care for her body and feel more confident?  Are you simply someone who wants to feel strong, fit, and healthy inside and out?  Strength training is the answer if you […]

Is Strength Training The Most Wonderful Thing For Joint Health?

Get ready to redefine your fitness goals

Do you dread walking up a flight of stairs because they cause tremendous pain in your joints? Do you lift heavy objects and instantly regret it because you know you may feel the pain for days? Is bending your body a task for you? If yes, then you might want to take your joint health […]

5 Proven Ways To Achieve Consistency With Your Strength Training

Join the Quad Squad and achieve your fitness goals

Wait! Consistent strength training? How is that possible?  “I can never maintain a consistent workout schedule. My motivation starts out strong, but it eventually dwindles.” Sounds familiar? We get it. It may seem difficult to stay consistent with your strength training but trust us – it’s completely doable.  The case for consistency  But what does […]

6 Remarkable Benefits Of Strength Training That Will Make You Start Right Away

Get fit, have fun, and join the Quad community

When you hear the words ‘strength training’, or ‘weight training’, what comes to your mind? Does the thought of lifting weights scare you? Do you think it will drain you out? Or hurt you? Many think lifting weights will make them bulky or would do   more harm than good. No wonder weights have a […]

6 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Better Track Your Fitness Without A Weighing Scale

You’ve been on your fitness journey for quite some time now. And, you decide to hop on those scales. Of course, you’re waiting to be pleasantly surprised with the numbers.  Shock horror, they don’t budge. Worse, they have actually moved in the opposite direction!  The bottom falls out of your world and you decide enough […]

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