The Wonderful Benefits Of Walking On Physical And Mental Health

American naturalist Henry David Thoreau famously said, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”. What a picture that paints in your head! Walking, that simple habit of putting one foot in front of the other, is the simplest form of exercise there is. It needs no fancy equipment, […]

Getting back to exercise after a long-ish break?

Breaks from training are inevitable for most of us. A few hard days in life or a work trip or vacation will also keep us away from training for a week or two. What one needs following such breaks is simply a gradual ramp up back to previous levels of intensity and volume. But what about longer breaks? What about after a hiatus that lasted a few months as a result of injury or sickness or plain laziness? Here is how you get back to training…

Exercise videos

This page contains videos and reference links of all the exercises mentioned in our training plans. Some of them are from us, while some are from well-reputed sources. Enjoy! Beginner Squat Hinge Push Pull Core Intermediate Squat Hinge Push Pull Core Advanced Squat Hinge Push Pull Core Expand Your Knowledge: Dive Into These Captivating Blogs!

Which Celebrity Fitness Plan is Right for You?

We’re caught in a conundrum as to who and what to follow – the celebrity who promises 6 pack in 6 weeks or the one who achieved a size 0 body in 4 weeks or the one whose 10 min training programme is ridiculously easy to follow and sustain all the while helping you look […]

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss – What’s The Difference?

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics world over and everyone from Chennai to Seattle seem to want to lose weight. When people say that they want weight loss, ‘weight’ can be any of these things – water, muscle and fat. You can cut off a limb and you’ll lose ‘weight’ just fine. What […]

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