Exercise videos

This page contains videos and reference links of all the exercises mentioned in our training plans. Some of them are from us, while some are from well-reputed sources. Enjoy! Beginner Squat Bodyweight squat Assisted squat Step-up Hinge Deep hinge Weighted hinge (BGBS) Push Knee plank Elbow plank Pushup negative and progressions Overhead press Pull Band row vertical horizontal Light kettlebell/dumbbell row Core Knee plank Side plank Band resisted half-kneel iso hold Intermediate Squat […]

9 Action Items That Help You Sleep Better

For most of us, sleep quality is affected. And so is sleep quantity. You can read more about understanding the problem here. And we are all in agreement that amongst the various things we need to do to get healthier and fitter, sleep is amongst the simplest and most straightforward. To get started, have you […]

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder? Find out!

With our trainees at The Quad, and quite a few of the communities that we’ve interacted with, we see a frequent occurrence of sleep disorders (yes, sleeping too little is a disorder). Some folks knowingly compromise on it – aware of how much sleep they are getting but unable to fix it. And others are […]

Learn How To Track Your Progress And Fast Track Your Fat Loss

Does this sound familiar? You have an inspirational ‘moment’ and decide you want to get in shape You go for walks, runs, exercise most days for a full week and try to eat less food You step on the scale multiple times every day and the numbers seem to go down. You have a social […]