Did you know, a study published in the journal “PLoS ONE” showed marked improvement in depression symptoms among women who performed resistance training thrice weekly? 

Also, strength training has shown to have anxiolytic effects, meaning it has proven to reduce anxiety. According to this research, resistance (or strength) training at low-to-moderate intensities (namely <70% 1 max. repetition) produces reliable and robust reductions in anxiety levels. 

This blog will explore the manifold health benefits of strength training for women and men. Based on his experience, Coach Arvind Ashok (The Quad, Chennai) will further help you understand how physical health can influence mental well-being and boost confidence levels.

Strength Training & Mental Health: Coach Arvind Ashok From The Quad Connects The Dots

Here are some key takeaways about the importance of mental health that Coach Arvind Ashok (also one of the founders of The Quad) shared through an official YouTube video

You can listen to it fully after reading some of his core points, as provided below:

Physical Strength & Mental Health

Let’s explore four scientifically proven ways in which strength training can benefit your mental health.

|1| Reduced Anxiety & Stress

Strength training has been proven to reduce anxiety by lowering the stress hormone Cortisol. Moreover…

With the rise in self-esteem, your anxiety levels drop even further. This is not magic but biology. Your muscles and brain work together to create this feeling.

Also, with good strength training comes better hormonal health. Hormones, as we know, are vital to mental health, mood, and emotional well-being.

|2| Brain Boosting Potential

Part of the reason why fitness coaches in Chennai and abroad recommend strength training regardless of age is its proven benefits to the health of a person’s brain. More on this…

|3| Mind-Body Connection

Considering how strength training routines and exercises demand the use of various weights, especially kettlebells, your mind and body should work together to achieve positive results over time. Here’s more…

|4| Self-Love

Most people have a tendency to judge themselves too harshly or carry negative feelings about their body image. With proper strength training, you can relight the fire of self-esteem and build a healthy relationship with your body.

Personal Testimonial From An Active Quad Member

We want to conclude this blog with a few special words from one of the people who greatly benefited from The Quad’s approach to mental health via strength training.

Here’s Gukan sharing what he felt about his experience with us:

“I was introduced to The Quad when I was going through a difficult time mentally. I had anxiety and some physical problems that worsened my mental health. Little did I know that being part of a fitness regime would help me cope with my mental health. 

I’ve consumed my share of popular media to form the impression that lifting weights would help me overcome depression. But those projections are all about working out like crazy and overcoming something negative by borderline pushing ourselves to the limit. 

However, The Quad helped me surmount my mental problems in the most holistic manner by making me understand my strengths and limitations and working out accordingly. They helped me discover my self-confidence, and I found the time and mental space needed to appreciate my fitness journey and growth.”

Reach out to us, and let’s get you started on a personalized strength training regimen that can uplift your mood and elevate your mental health.

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