How Anyone Can Build Muscle & Gain Strength

One of the first things people assume when they hear the words ‘strength training’ and ‘building muscle’ is that they apply only to bodybuilders or serious athletes.

We’re going to shatter that stereotype, because the fact is that strength training and muscle building workouts are for men and women from all walks of life and age groups. Good news is, you can start strength training or building muscle even today and still benefit from the decision.

How Strength Training Can Improve Self-Reliance

Let’s cut right to the chase and explore the simple but effective ways in which strength training for beginners can benefit you on a practical level.

  • Strength training can help you become more independent. You will discover that you no longer need to rely on others to run errands or perform regular chores.
  • In addition to improved joint health, building the right muscles and muscle groups can help you be a support to others in your family and community.
    Just like we develop or train our minds for academic or technical pursuits, we need to train our bodies to be reliable and ready.
  • After all, imagine being a parent or grandparent and easily lifting your child or grandchild without fearing that you will experience a muscle catch or back ache in the process.
  • By making strength training an essential part of your fitness routines, you yourself will feel inspired and confident to tackle general physical tasks or demands in life.

No matter your age or circumstance, you can improve your physical and mental health. This will not only help you grow stronger but also improve your daily life. You can do what you set your mind to achieve and not feel worried or dejected about performing something as simple as picking up your child and playing with them.


Strength Training Is Life Training

Tips for building muscle and gaining strength

You have access to coaches and trainers who can help you target the right muscles so you can grow more active. This means you get to move naturally and with ease. Best part is, you won’t have to spend hours and hours to achieve this.

  • Resistance training, muscle building, and strength training can be modified to suit each individual regardless of their gender, age, or circumstance.
  • You will grow stronger and feel your body functioning like a single unit. Routine flare ups and discomforts will no longer be issues for you.
  • For example, if you are a desk jockey who constantly experiences back pain or cricks in your neck, you can choose versatile coaches like those at The Quad to help you develop and hone the muscles in those areas.
  • Before long, you will no longer let your job constraints become physical or mental burdens. In fact, your new pain-free life will encourage others to ask about your secret.

This is what we mean when we say strength training is life training, because it will improve your quality of life.


What Is The Simplest & Safest Way To Start Muscle Building?

person lifting weights

Now that you’ve realized the importance of strength training, let’s explore more about what it is and how The Quad can help you implement specific routines that will make a positive difference in your life.

Here are some key points to keep in mind before you start your muscle building journey:

  • Proper nutrition through wholesome and balanced meals can make your muscle building journey smoother, safer, and more efficient.
  • Nutrition coaches like those serving at The Quad have keen knowledge on the latest dietary practices. Such professionals will not only guide you on the finer points of healthy diet and lifestyle changes, but also tailor your diet to suit your specific fitness goals.
  • Through quality fitness centers in Chennai like The Quad, you will learn to eat sustainably and not feel restricted or overcome by food guilt.
  • Here you will discover ways to eat healthy and become stronger without having to consume exotic, expensive, or fancy meals.
  • As for muscle building itself, coaches at The Quad can help you become the fittest version of yourself. Now, this is no small claim, because you need to take those words seriously.
  • Aesthetic goals are great. But they aren’t practical or realistic for everyone. Here at The Quad, we will help you find the correct version of fitness for you, and how the right exercises can make your daily life better.

Strength and muscle building is a nuanced and versatile field that can help you develop the correct muscles needed to make you self-reliant and genuinely healthy.

With the guidance of qualified coaches at The Quad, you will gain strength that will serve you well in every phase of your life. It doesn’t matter when you start, all that matters is that you do.


Training > Workouts

At revolutionary fitness gyms in Chennai like The Quad, you will find efficiency through simplicity. Good nutrition and reliable muscle building exercises are dependent on training as opposed to generic workouts.

  • Performing random workouts every day without a solid purpose or design is like shooting in the dark. Each person is unique and each one needs customized training targets that can help them fulfill their fitness goals and build reliable strength.
  • This sort of comprehensive training leads to self-reliance, because the muscles you build through tailored exercises will benefit you as an individual and, by extension, others around you.
  • At The Quad, you can kiss those 1-month gym fails goodbye, because with our 12-week training program we will sincerely and mindfully transform your workouts into exercises that you can practically use.
  • You will not only become familiar with a comprehensive new training regimen but also correct any potential movement dysfunctions. This is where our experienced and compassionate coaches come in.
  • All your fitness goals can be achieved through our structured training plans. You only need to show up, and we’ll take care of the planning, structuring, and designing stages of your custom exercise routine.
  • We also have a smart and just-as-efficient virtual program so you can start looking and feeling healthy and strong without even leaving the comfort of your home.

Get in touch with us and learn how we are helping thousands of women and men become confident about their body and grow realistically self-reliant.

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