A lot of research has been done in order to understand the effect of physical activity on micronutrient requirement. It sounds intuitive that when a woman does more physical activity her nutritional requirements increase. That is, she will need more protein, more starch, more fat and just more food in order to stay healthy. That’s why you see young female athletes eating so much more than the regular girl in college. But is it necessary that her vitamin and mineral requirements also increase?

Unfortunately, the final word on that is still not out. Numerous studies have been done but almost all studies have an experimental flaw or the other leading to unclear conclusions. While there is some evidence proving that a woman in training will need vitamins and minerals at quantities above RDA, there is no clarity on how much more. And since there is a clear and known risk that arises from over-supplementation, the final recommendation is the following –

If you are a woman who trains, make very sure that you get RDA of all vitamins and minerals. Do not supplement with anything, especially iron, without talking to your doctor.

How do you ensure you get the right quantities of everything without supplementing?

Simple. By eating wholesome real food in the right combinations and portions.

One can get everything that their body requires from nature. That’s how we evolved and we’ll always be safe in nature’s hands. But the problem today is different – Not knowing what to eat. And because we’re confused about what to eat, we easily buy into exciting food products that promise to be gluten-free, sugar-free and fat-free but ignore the shiny little banana on the counter (which is also gluten-free, sugar-free and fat-free by the way).

Here is what you need to do to fuel yourself sufficiently