With our trainees at The Quad, and quite a few of the communities that we’ve interacted with, we see a frequent occurrence of sleep disorders (yes, sleeping too little is a disorder). Some folks knowingly compromise on it – aware of how much sleep they are getting but unable to fix it. And others are unaware of it – either due to a tendency to not rate sleep’s importance or simply not keeping track.

And of the four pillars, it is amongst the simplest to fix. Exercise involves waking up early (or finishing work early enough) and going to the gym – at least an hour a day. Diet involves a lot of mental toughness and discipline – every day! Stress is a bit invisible, but a definite problem. But sleep involves sleeping more – how simple is that!

What happens if you sleep too little?

Why are we not sleeping enough?

A test to find out if you are sleeping enough

How do you know if you are sleeping enough? Try this activity out.

If you are on a path to better health and fitness, you can make great inroads towards your goal by just sleeping better and sleeping more. Getting healthier involves a lot of hard work and sacrifice – this is amongst the more enjoyable and simpler lifestyle changes we can make. Sleep more, get healthier!

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