We’re caught in a conundrum as to who and what to follow – the celebrity who promises 6 pack in 6 weeks or the one who achieved a size 0 body in 4 weeks or the one whose 10 min training programme is ridiculously easy to follow and sustain all the while helping you look like a million bucks.

If you’re looking for an answer, it’s simple – NONE. Celebrity training programmes make for a good read but they don’t work for everyone. More often than not, you’ll fail or won’t end up with the same results as they did.

Wonder why?

Simply because your lifestyle and body is very different compared to the celebrity that you want to follow. The next time you read the workout plan of your favourite celebrity, don’t be in a rush to follow it. There’s a lot going into that picture-perfect physique than what’s written.

So what works?

A training programme that works for a size-0 supermodel definitely won’t work for a stay-at-home mom who is taking baby steps into incorporating exercise into her daily routine. Similarly, an elite athlete and a ‘generally fit’ person cannot have the same training plan and continue to see results. What works depends on your goals, lifestyle and body. Even the best the best celebrity training programs won’t help you achieve results if it doesn’t suit your needs.

The human body is awash in mysteries and there may be many underlying reasons as to why what works for one doesn’t work for another. When it comes to training, there are no healthy quick fixes. One size fits all doesn’t work or apply here. A good coach and their individualised training programme coupled with a healthy diet, sleep, patience and determination to see it through will help you achieve goals.

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