The truth is, there is more harm than good in the so-called health drinks.

Let’s try and list the good stuff first.

The box for your drink will likely tell you that your drink has some vitamins and minerals. If the box can be believed, those are good for you.

BUT wait, what about the rest of the ingredients?

Look closer and the box will also tell you that your drink has one or more of the following – milk solids, wheat flour, malted wheat, emulsifier, raising agent, glucose syrup, permitted colours, caramel.

Translation: Your drink has Sugar + Processed versions of real foods + Artificial ingredients or additives + More sugar but with other names.

Of course your drink tastes good! It’s got a whole bunch of sugar or its substitutes plus other stuff. Only the manufacturer of your drink can tell you for sure how each of these ingredients are sourced or made.

Here are a couple of things to consider the next time you buy your favourite health drink

To reiterate, there is more harm than good in your ‘health’ drink. Replace it with nutritionally dense, real food to grow stronger and healthier as you always wanted to.

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