It’s A LOT of Play

Kids need quality outdoor playtime. They should run around, play a sport, jump, roll, climb trees, ride bikes and do all things that kids do to have fun. Remember the time when you were a kid and played all day long? Sadly in today’s world, free play is not so free. ‘Structured extracurricular activities’ have replaced play. Ballet on Monday, art on tuesday, soccer on wednesday has become the norm. The only time kids spend outdoors is as a part of an organized sports activity.

Here at QuadPlay we let kids be kids and have them play. A lot. Just like they should be doing at their age. And they absolutely love it. Because Play is essential not just for neuromuscular coordination or mental development, it also is the best way to make kids fall in love with fitness.

No Two Days Are The Same

With classes being the right combination of strength, conditioning, agility, mobility, calisthenics and play, our kids have a blast. Each class is different from the other – with regard to the moves learnt, games played, equipment/tools used, activities laid out and the teams that they’re split into. Everything is planned and designed in a way to increase their engagement, spike up interest levels, maximise fun and get them hooked onto fitness.

Gender Equality

Despite it being the 21st century, girls do not have equal opportunities or access to games and play. They’re told go the library during sports hour or have no one to coach or no access to playgrounds because boys need it more. But not here at QuadPlay.

We treat them all the same and they grow from strength to strength. With exposure at such a young age to what they are capable of achieving and with zero gender bias, they are invested in fitness for life.

We Educate and Empower Them For Life

At QuadPlay, apart from just teaching movement to make them stronger, faster and agile, we educate them with the ‘why’ and ‘what’. Our kids know all about the musculature used and the benefits of doing every move. With farmer carry, we have them apply the same while carrying their school bag or luggage. With deadlifts we teach them the right way to pick up stuff from the floor. With the band pulls, they understand and learn to fix bad posture. Their fitness isn’t limited to the one hour at class but carries over to every aspect of daily life. We believe in making their fitness truly functional thereby laying a solid foundation for a healthier future.

Exposure To Nutrition

With cereal bars and ‘sugar-free energy’ drinks being the new idea of healthy, kids today face a much bigger challenge than we did growing up. They are growing up in a world where access to ‘real food’ is difficult and junk readily available at every turn. This is bound to get worse as they grow older. Educating them on the importance of nutrition and helping them make an informed choice is the need of the hour. And at QuadPlay, we do just that. Our certified nutrition coaches conduct interactive sessions for kids and parents about the importance of eating real food and empower them to make better choices for life.

The Community

There is something special about QuadPlay that you don’t find everywhere. It’s that bond the kids have formed and the new friendship that they’ve forged. This small community of kids who’ve come together in their love for fitness and play make QuadPlay what it is.

They encourage, inspire, motivate, excite and enable each other to do better every single day. They are the coolest community yet, and are what makes QuadPlay super fun.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Not all kids are the same. Neither should their training plan be. At QuadPlay, we take into consideration the requirement of each child including their likes and dislikes, specific goals, physical abilities, movement pattern and exposure to physical activity. Our training plan with its progressions, regressions and variations is designed specifically to address these needs and goals. In a world where kids are forced to do things every single day, this comes as a welcome change. They get to do what they like and can do and see tangible results. This makes fitness fun and sustainable for them.

At QuadPlay, we aim to inspire kids to fall in love with physical activity, make it a habit and embrace a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, we want kids to be kids and show them that fitness is not about exercise, fat loss or crazy diets but learning to move and having fun in the bargain. Watching the kids experience the sheer joy of play/movement has been our greatest victory.

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