In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with images of celebrities flaunting their post pregnancy skinny bodies or newly acquired six pack promoting their latest diet or exercise programme. They let in you in on their perfect and ‘oh so easy to follow’ training programme that’ll have you looking like them. You also can work out to the video of your uber fit celebrity coaching you to get that perfect body. The videos of them transforming themselves in a matter of weeks inspire us to follow suit because the transformation looks all too easy.

We’re caught in a conundrum as to who and what to follow – the celebrity who promises 6 pack in 6 weeks or the one who achieved a size 0 body in 4 weeks or the one whose 10 min training programme is ridiculously easy to follow and sustain all the while helping you look like a million bucks.

If you’re looking for an answer, it’s simple – NONE. Celebrity training programmes make for a good read but they don’t work for everyone. More often than not, you’ll fail or won’t end up with the same results as they did.

Wonder why?

Simply because your lifestyle and body is very different compared to the celebrity that you want to follow. The next time you read the workout plan of your favourite celebrity, don’t be in a rush to follow it. There’s a lot going into that picture-perfect physique than what’s written.

  • They train for hours at the gym. Sometimes more than once or twice each day. Their job is to look good and they spend their day doing just that, precious time that you don’t have. All this under the supervision of the best resources/professionals that money can buy. Every minute of their training is monitored. Training for hours on end like them isn’t possible or sustainable for you.

  • Nutrition is the key to achieving any body image goal. Needless to say, celebrities have access to the best nutrition plans/meals and chefs who plate it up for them. Everything from their breakfast to dinner is planned, measured and precisely cooked. None of their meal plans are simple or sustainable. They range from complicated to downright wacko and would require a team of professionals to put it together. So, even if you’re successful in following their training programme, incorporating their diet plan into your daily life is is going to be difficult. This only means that your training programme is doomed for failure.

  • No one talks about ‘supplements’ when they talk about their training. These celebrities have access to products that you could only dream of. They have achieved incredulous transformations in incredibly short amount of time. Fat loss or muscle gain is not easy and takes time. Achieving such results in a couple of months is next to impossible without the help of surgery and or the medical supplements, both legal and illegal that they get pumped up with.

  • Would you get plumbing advice from your banker? Why then would you take tips from a celebrity about your fitness regime. Remember that these celebrities have zero expertise, experience or knowledge about training. They haven’t spent any time in getting certified, training clients, transforming lives, and coaching customized programs in a hands-on environment. Most of the training programs that they endorse are usually marketing attempts to get them visibility. They flaunt their newly acquired chiseled bodies along with their fitness-training programme, that helped them get there. These training programs are usually the well made videos with catchy captions that grab your attention and tempt you to buy it. There is no truth or science behind them.

  • Be wise, muscle-gain or fat-loss takes time. If a celebrity training programme promises instant results, remember that it’s not possible. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your six-pack abs.

So what works?

A training programme that works for a size-0 supermodel definitely won’t work for a stay-at-home mom who is taking baby steps into incorporating exercise into her daily routine. Similarly, an elite athlete and a ‘generally fit’ person cannot have the same training plan and continue to see results. What works depends on your goals, lifestyle and body. Even the best the best celebrity training programs won’t help you achieve results if it doesn’t suit your needs.

The human body is awash in mysteries and there may be many underlying reasons as to why what works for one doesn’t work for another. When it comes to training, there are no healthy quick fixes. One size fits all doesn’t work or apply here. A good coach and their individualised training programme coupled with a healthy diet, sleep, patience and determination to see it through will help you achieve goals.

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