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About Us

It all starts with the way you feel.

The way you feel when you try to climb a single flight of stairs, and struggle. The way you feel when those jeans don’t fit anymore.

The way you feel when you struggle to carry your luggage, or even your own child. The way you feel after eating that entire tub of ice cream.

The way you feel after spending hours in a gym and not seeing the results you want.

The way you feel every time you tried a new fad diet. And every time those kilos came right back where you didn’t want them. It’s frustrating. It’s agonising. And it’s certainly not fun.

We know exactly how it feels because we’ve been there. The only difference is that we chose to make this our turning point. The point where we realised that we’ve been living a suboptimal life, and it’s time to make meaningful change. For us, this meant taking control of our health and fitness, and figuring out a way to make this fun, sustainable and permanent.


Having fought our respective battles against diseases and unfit lives, we were both experiencing our turning points in our own ways when a chance meeting in California back in 2010 brought in some much-needed direction to our journeys. We now had a burning desire to work together towards a larger goal and take our fitness adventures a step further.

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We spent over 3 years training different protocols, following various training plans, meeting different coaches, and working on various certifications.

Our focus never wavered

For the next several months, we decided to try, between us, every approach there is to fitness and nutrition and a desire to learn from the best. We put ourselves through innumerable approaches be it low carb, low fat, paleo, zero carb, intermittent fasting, ayurveda, veganism, high fat, high protein and subjected our bodies to various forms of training like distance running, powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, P90x, high intensity training, plyometrics, kettlebell training, TRX, Starting Strength and functional training.

Our focus never wavered. We did all this with the goal of understanding the human body, challenging mainstream fitness and nutrition advice, working with, learning and gaining certifications from the best coaches in the world and applying and customising everything we learnt for the typical Indian. Because nothing makes sense if it doesn’t have context.

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As our weight started to drop off and our fitness levels improved, we continued to work on our strength, our nutrition and our lifestyles. This process, which appeared to the outside world as an improvement in our external appearance, was actually a grand internal journey, as we found levels of strength within us, which we never knew we had. And we were driven to share this with everyone back home in India, and pretty much anyone who was willing to listen.

We worked with friends and strangers through email, phone and video conferences. Every positive change we helped create drove us to work with more people and spread the knowledge we gained through experimentation and experience.

And one fine day in 2011, we finally decided to walk the talk, packed our bags and made our way back to Madras, India to redefine fitness in our own way. And thus was born, The Quad. From our batch of 95 trainees and just the two of us as coaches, we now have 600+ trainees, in four different centres and a team of 25 passionate fitness professionals who carry our vision forward.

And what a journey it has been! This ride is everything we imagined and more, and we can’t wait to share it with you.
– Raj and Arvind

Everything has changed in the context of the Coronavirus. Working with people on their health and fitness, running a business, iterating what we offer and just living amidst this global pandemic has been extremely revealing for us at The Quad. It has shown us our strengths, our resilience, our openness to change and learning and our drive to do the right thing, not just anything that works.

Launching a whole new line of virtual offerings, coming back safer, bigger and better than ever with our physical centres and providing a unique hybrid offering meant we had to really dig deep together as a team and come back #strongertogether. And with 2021 being our 10th year in existence, we feel like we’re just getting started all over again!

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