The Quad Squad

A few years back, The Quad was two people trying to make a dozen people fitter. Today, the Quad Squad is a sizeable team of passionate and driven trainers focused on transforming thousands of lives.

Whether it is an HR professional who found his calling in fitness or a film maker who decided that she wanted to guide people to lead healthier lives, many of our trainers have made the switch from their previous careers after realizing that fitness and coaching is their true calling.

While all our trainers are certified, the Quad Squad is a lot more than just certifications. It is about dedicated individuals who work hard every session, every day and every quarter to help our clients progress on their fitness and health goals, get fitter, stronger and move better.

Different People. Different Backgrounds. Different Stories. One Passion.  To redefine fitness.


Sudeesh Manapati

Coach - Velachery
SFG (Level 1), Precision Nutrition (Level 1)
Sudeesh is an inspiration to everyone around him. A morning person by nature, the challenge of working with people who have different fitness goals gives him a major endorphin high. A certified personal trainer, he has played Ultimate Frisbee at the National level and currently heads the OMR branch of The Quad.

Soundarya Srinivasan

Coach - Virtual AM
NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1, IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association, MovNat Level 1
Precision Nutrition certified, International Youth Conditioning Association certified and a NESTA certified fitness and nutrition coach, Soundarya or Chow as she is fondly known, is a film-maker turned fitness coach who loves working with people and helping them get fitter! She worked with children at QuadPlay, and is passionate about inspiring more kids to enjoy the pursuit of movement and love their bodies!

Kavya Hari

Coach - Alwarpet
NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer, SFG (Level 1), Ground Force Method Instructor (Level 1), Precision Nutrition (Level 1), Flexible Steel (Level 1)
With her elephant memory, Kavya is one of those coaches who remembers exactly how many reps every person did, so there’s no fooling her! A soup+salad cafe owner turned teacher turned fitness trainer, she enjoys the pursuit of learning and that pushes her to be a better coach every day! She also worked with kids at QuadPlay and helped them understand, accept and strengthen their body and mind.

Sudeep Reddy

Coach & Tech Manager
Quad Cert & Nesta Personal Fitness Trainer (Level 3)
Sudeep skipped his final CA exams and instead went to meet the founders of The Quad. And the rest, as they say, is history. He started off as a client at The Quad and was so taken by the passion shown by the coaching team, he immediately felt he belonged here. His trainees love his style of coaching and motivation. He is also now well-known at The Quad for pressing ridiculously insane weights!

Karthik Krishnan

Coach - Virtual PM
SFG (Level 2), Flexible Steel (Level 1)
A telecom engineer taking a sharp turn towards fitness, Karthik Krishnan, fondly known as KK, is a certified fitness trainer who is out to help you understand the beauty of strength training. He’ll watch you like a hawk when you train, and won’t let you go without fixing your form. When he’s not coaching, you’ll find him trying out new and unique restaurants in the city!

Praveen Balaji

Senior Trainer
NESTA, Quad Cert (Level 1)
An IT Project Manager earlier and a sports enthusiast for life, Bajji as he is fondly known, had his first-ever stint with strength training at The Quad, resulting in better sports performance. Started off as a BootCamp member, moving swiftly to S&C and now a QuadSquad member, Bajji is also a national level Ultimate Frisbee player who wants to specialize in speed and agility training to help people get faster, stronger and more agile. Word of caution, say a little prayer before you say shotgun to get into a car driven by him!

Goutham Bhaskar

Senior Trainer
ACE Personal Trainer, Animal flow (Level 1)
Goutham has always been into fitness – be it through sports and athletics in school right up to coaching at The Quad. He started lifting weights being the typical skinny kid. But soon he realized his ability to teach, motivate and lift people up through fitness. Goutham is loved by his clients for his quick wit and eager fixes. He loves football, is a metalhead and is the only meme lord in the QuadSquad. If we want to kill time with memes, we know whom to ask!


Asst Coach
Quad Cert (Level 1), Nesta Personal Fitness Trainer, Ground Force Method Instructor (Level 1)
An engineer from Anna University, Siva started to play cricket as a bowler in his college cricket team. He realized the importance of fitness when he needed to be quick and agile in order to be an effective bowler and fielder but never realized back then that fitness could be a career too! He left his job as a programmer in a pursuit to find his passion, and his search ended by joining The QuadSquad as he gets to learn and redefine fitness every day!

Geetha Durai

Nutrition Coach
Precision Nutrition (Level 1)
A Nutrition Coach who lives and breathes what she preaches and believes in! She has been helping people make sustainable long term changes to their health over the past two years, specifically in the realm of fat loss and strength gain. Having been overweight once and undergoing a transformation by losing 15+ kgs, she understands the physical and mental challenges one faces while pursuing fat loss and wanted to help others make fitness a habit. She joined the QuadVirtual team to coach folks all over the world virtually!

Jobi Vijay

Senior Trainer
Quad Cert (Level 1)
Having a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering, Jobi spent a major part of her career as an Assistant Professor and a Research Scholar in this field before joining The Quad as a client in 2016. Her view on fitness and nutrition totally changed after joining and having been inspired by her coaches, she decided to be a fitness coach to give back to people the same positivity that The Quad had instilled in her. She feels Fitness is truly where she belongs, helping people fall in love with fitness brings her joy!


Senior Trainer 1
Ajeeth has completed his UG in Commerce. He has always had an affinity for Sports. He played Cricket and Badminton at the College level and has also been a sprinter and Long Jumper. He has completed his Cert at IFAA. Ajeeth loves to travel solo, loves music, and prefers darkness! He takes care of providing trial experiences here at The Quad and is learning on the job every day as an intern.

Gowri Manoj


Krishna Priya


Trijai Nerthi


Srivatsan G

Asst Coach
Nesta PFT
Fondly known as Vatsa, Srivatsan crossed paths with The Quad’s cofounder Arvind during an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Chennai and started following us on the internet after that. Having tried all types of fitness routines out there, he decided to join us as a client and felt that he finally found the right solution to his injuries, nutrition, and fat loss. Vatsa wanted to benefit others in the same way as he did so he went on to complete his NESTA certification and became a part of The QuadSquad in 2019.

Ranjani Shanker

Head of Marketing & Growth
Having spent 12 years in sales and marketing, both for big corporations as well as startups, Ranjani now handles the marketing, branding and business growth function at The Quad. If you ever have a question about our social media presence, or are interested in a partnership with us, she’s the one you should talk to! Having played sport all her life, Ranjani loves that she’s able to spread the message about an active life, strength training and the joy of play to thousands of people.

Dakshana Rajaram

Sr. Marketing Executive
A teacher, a fashion designer, an entrepreneur and an absolute foodie, this BD executive is more than meets the eye; merely because it’ll take you a while to see her as she’s too busy being a blur of energy, jumping from one thing to another with unbridled excitement. Daksh surprises you with her experience, her efficiency and her phenomenal people skills, and is an excellent fit for our marketing and biz-dev team!

Rajesh Kumar

Operations Executive
Rajesh is our own superhero using his special powers to handle our Logistics, Admin, and Ops department. Be it managing the physical inventory, updating our Virtual sessions calendar, or handling our digital storefront, we cannot survive a typical workday without his magic. If you ever get a chance to visit our office, be ready to get infected by his positive energy and innocent smile!

Usha Parthasarathy

Manager - Accounts
Fondly known as Usha Ma’am to us, she is a seasoned payroll processing senior executive with over 15+ years of experience working with companies like Ma Foi and ADP. She takes care of all payments to and from our small company and brings her wisdom and experience across several operational functions inside The Quad. And guess what, she loves using her cycle to get around the neighbourhood!

Pranav Rajan

Senior Trainer
Initially a Mechanical Engineer by profession, Pranav started his career with Ford Manufacturing company but soon realized that his passion lies in Sports and Fitness. He joined as a trainee in the Scholarship program run by The Quad and is now a part of The Quad Squad as a Trainer but that’s not all. He has represented Team India Ultimate Frisbee twice as a player and now shines as the Head Coach of the Indian Ultimate Frisbee Masters team!

Manoj Kumar

Asst Coach
IFAA- Functional Training (Level 1)
An Ultimate Frisbee athlete who began training himself for strength, speed, and agility to translate onto the field, Manoj knew early on that fitness is where he wants to be. So right after he finished a degree in mechanical engineering, he jumped right into the fitness world after convincing his parents and has been steadily working with people including athletes for over two years now. He prioritizes athleticism, form, and functionality over aesthetics as that’s what you can take back on to the field and in life!

Anitha Dorairaj


Arunprasad Kandhasamy




Gukan Manavalan

Marketing Manager

Manu Raghavender


Sathish Kumar M


Senthil Natarajan RM

Growth Manager

Yogesh Mani B


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