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Do you want to help people and change lives?

All of us yearn for a purpose that drives us, that makes us jump out of bed every morning, and look forward to doing what we do. Some of us are lucky enough to have a job/career that fits the bill. Most of us though, are not that lucky. We have other passions that we put our heart and soul in to and helps us release - whether it is the arts, or playing a sport or something else.

The field of fitness in India has a real dearth of talent, and of experts. It has enough of pseudo-experts, of mediocre trainers, and broscience. Our mission at The Quad is to redefine this field, and one of the steps involved is to build a great team of coaches and trainers. These folks will be the at the forefront of the field of fitness in India.

It takes a special breed of person to be an intern at The Quad. First, you need to have a passion for helping people. Obviously, you need to have a passion for the field of fitness. One needs to have the smarts, coz the amount of studying that goes in here is at least equivalent to enrolling in a MS degree. And you need a good dose of guts and imagination - to jump in to a nascent field, to start from scratch, to constantly educate and better yourself, to grab this industry by the scruff of the neck and lead it to a better place. Are you that special breed of person? If so, we are looking for you.

Why is this an amazing place to work?

Besides the chance to be working with a company at the cutting edge of fitness, and doing what you love, we offer a bunch of other stuff as well.

  • Way above competitive pay
  • An exciting vacation policy
  • Medical insurance
  • Educational allowance
  • Yearly bonus
  • Constant evolution

What positions are we hiring for?

We are always looking for smart people. If you think you can do something at The Quad, just talk to us. You need to be open-minded, hard-working, and extremely committed. Specifically, we are looking for

  • Interns, who are looking to become great coaches in the industry
  • Trainers
  • Nutritionists
Registrations opening soon!

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What happens next?

We will get in touch with you and schedule a personalisation session for you to come in and meet us, and register. It gives you a chance to check out what we do, and for us to run you through what to expect, what your goals are, what customisations you might require.