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APArun Pandiyan aka AP Having dabbled in various physical activities including karate (holds a black belt), football and Bharatanatyam, Arun Pandiyan finally decided to focus his attention on Ultimate Frisbee. He has been playing the sport for the last 4 years and is working toward playing it competitively. He takes pride in the learning experiences he’s gained through self-education, having rehabbed himself from his sport-related injuries in the past. Arun is also The Quad’s in-house photographer, and contributes regularly to Facebook posts, events and projects. A certified personal fitness trainer, Arun also holds a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the UK.

MathiyalaganMathiyalagan is a trainer at The Quad who comes with years of experience as a personal trainer, specializing in rehabilitation and small groups. His wide experience, from running a university gym to working with older folks improve their quality of life, is very valuable in a group class setting where he pays special attention to a select group and improves their experience. Mathi is also an expert at stretching folks, including one-on-one, something every member of The Quad team has experienced!

KanchanaKanchana Venkatesh A competitive sprinter who has trained since the age of 7, Kanchana enjoys movement of any form, be it dance, tennis, swimming, yoga or trekking. While she hopes to work with athletes on the importance of precision and technique when it comes to training, she is also keen on working with non-athletes to enable them to make the difference between working out and training. She also hopes to help them understand that being fit is more about just having a nice body. Apart from reading, Kanchana also enjoys cooking.

Magesh KumarMagesh Kumar is a trained physical therapist who is working on bridging the gap between training and rehabiliation at The Quad.

Sundar MadhavanSundar Madhavan With a successful corporate career of nearly a decade, Sundar’s decision to quit his job and enter the fitness industry is one of pure passion. He’s trained at various gyms across the city and over the years, his focus shifted from his own training to helping training buddies with theirs, and the satisfaction that came from successful feedback he received is what pushed him closer to pursue his enthusiasm for fitness – strength to be specific. A NESTA-certified personal fitness trainer, Sundar also holds a post graduate diploma in Marketing and HR. Infamous for being someone who has unmistakably had more than a few ‘arm’ days in his past, Sundar loves biking and is part of a Bullet Club.

Mohamad AsifMohamad Asif Having played competitive cricket for close to 16 years, not only representing the state in the Under-15 and Under-17 categories, Asif has played inter university and First Division matches for 7 years. By being part of The Quad’s sport-specific strength programme, he soon realized what his sport was lacking – legit resources to help bridge the gap between skill-training and fitness of sportsmen. He is working toward redefining fitness in the field of cricket, which he believes will not only help make cricketers fit, but will also make them more resilient to injuries. Famous for his cooking skills, Asif is a true foodie.

SudeeshSudeesh Manapati is a newbie to The Quad Squad, but someone who's been training with us for a while. Sudeesh is a rare breed, one who never stopped being active, and has been playing sport from his youth to today. Ultimate, cricket, and football are just three of the sports he dabbles in, besides being pretty awesome in training. He's looking to follow his lifelong passion with fitness and an active lifestyle by helping other people get fitter, healthier, and enjoy their lives.

Ganesh LawrenceGanesh Lawrence From playing on the streets with a rubber ball to being a consistent name in the First Division circles within a span of just two years, professional cricketer Ganesh believes that hard work and determination is all that it takes to achieve success. His fascination for fitness grew when he was part of The Quad’s sport-specific strength programme. Unlike most sportsmen, he does not wish to take the traditional route of helping other sportsmen, but wants to help everyday couch potatoes realize the importance of being fit through good training and sound nutrition.

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