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Kashyap A

Ah! Ask me what the best thing I did in 2012 was and I will say The Quad. Ask me again about the best thing I’m doing in 2013 and I will say, but louder, The Quad. It's been a wonderful journey for the last 7 odd months for me with The Quad. I am someone who has always done things that I want to do, no matter how much time it takes, or how much pain I have to go through to do it. But there’s always been one thing that I was never able to do – lose weight. The foodie that I am, I love indulging in junk food with my friends. (Who wouldn’t love that). Gaining weight was definitely a concern, but that didn’t stop us. Each time I noticed that my waistline was getting bigger, I would sign up at a gym, or try aerobics or join a yoga class or something. I have tried everything that is there to try out, but the fact is that I didn’t last longer than a month at any of these places. When I got to Chennai for work, I realized that this was an issue that I had to fix. Some random surfing on the Internet let me to The Quad’s Facebook page. When I checked out their website, phrases like ‘not everyone can do this’ and ‘is highly intense’ caught my attention, because to me, The Quad seemed like a challenge and I have always loved taking up challenges. When I then called [coach] Raj, he asked me to come up with a goal, towards which we could start working. Thinking back about it now, I would say that I haven’t put as much thought even into my resume as I did to come up with the goal. Well, I did come up with a goal finally - to be able to get into any clothes store and have at least 5 or 6 options to choose from.

Day one at The Quad was really scary for me because you’re taken aside for basic training, with people closely observing you. Few days later [after your basic movement patterns are fixed], you join the regular class. One thing which I have to appreciate is that every day is a new day at The Quad. I would have definitely gotten really bored if that novelty wasn’t there. Coming back to the classes, each day progressed pretty well. The two coaches and interns made the classes really good. I had never heard of swings, burpees or ropes anywhere else. It was all there at The Quad and then there was more. In a few months, I started feeling good. Though I was always late in the first few months, after a while, I didn’t even need an alarm. The Quad was always on my mind.

A special mention to [coach] Raj. He helped me with everything, from getting my form right to choosing weights to work with. He even gave me a great nutrition plan. And I ended up losing 25 kgs in the first 6 months. Now, wherever I go, people ask me what happened to me and how I managed to lose this much weight. They ask me if my weight loss was a result of a crash diet. I just say it was because of proper nutrition and eating right. I literally troubled [coach] Raj every week with numerous questions, right from having paneer to the shoes that I had to wear while training. He answered it all with patience and encouraged me at every point of time. Raj, I must say, you are making a huge difference in people's lives. Needless to say, [coach] Arvind has also helped me with my breathing techniques (while running) and sometimes, even waking me up before class starts.

Nutrition - ah man – that is the best thing about The Quad! I eat ghee dosa with boiled potato for breakfast and I can’t think of anyone who could dislike that. Who would associate a steaming ghee dosa with someone who is on a diet! The Quad gives one hell of a nutrition plan which makes you stronger and healthier. I now eat Real Food, but I also eat ice cream and pizza once a while, but it’s all part of the plan!

Today, I feel really strong. It is just 3 hours of training every week and I don't really know how one can feel stronger with such little (but intense) training. The Quad is fun-tastic. Lovely people, lovely coaches and you are working out in a play school. What more can one want! And I have to mention, last week I went clothes shopping and I had a boatload of choices! The Quad has indeed redefined not only fitness but me, as well! I definitely wish to be part of every subsequent BootCamp at The Quad!


Ah! Ask me what the best thing I did in 2012 was and I will say The Quad. Ask me again about the best thing I’m doing in 2013 and I will say, but louder, The Quad.

— Kashyap
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