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The Quad's Strength & Conditioning (TM)

For some of you The Quad's BootCampTM might be your first regimented exercise experience while for some others it may be a continuation, albeit a more awesome continuation, of your current training. Irrespective of your level of fitness, The Quad's BootCampTM will challenge you from an intensity standpoint and you'll continue to break new barriers and improve your existing fitness levels.

But some of you take training more seriously that the others. While we understand that 'everything is relative' and there is no such thing as better or worse, we're fitness folks and we love folks who take their training seriously. So in an effort to create a group of like minded folks who make training a significant part of themselves we conceptualized, created and developed The Quad's Strength & Conditioning(TM).

S&C demands more consistency, higher commitment and diligence, greater understanding of one's training self, sharper focus, is by invitation only and, yes, is highly coveted.

If you're someone who has been training for a considerable amount of time, takes fitness very seriously and enjoys the process of getting fit, get in touch with us. One of our coaches will talk to you regarding your training and explain the next steps.

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What happens next?

We will get in touch with you and schedule a personalisation session for you to come in and meet us, and register. It gives you a chance to check out what we do, and for us to run you through what to expect, what your goals are, what customisations you might require.