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Your first step towards training at The Quad, Chennai

The Quad's BootCamp in Chennai is a fun, outdoor training experience unlike anything you've seen in the city. It is a method of training that is shaped by the successes and failures of our founder-coaches Arvind and Raj with various training methods - P90X, CrossFit, Kettlebell training, long-distance running, triathlon training, barbell strength training, Olympic Lifting - to name a few.

By joining The Quad, you are taking a step towards real change that doesn't just end with fat loss. You are training for life.

Just 3 days a week, 1 hour a day. Show up. And we'll take care of the rest.

Once you fill out the form below, our team will reach out to you to schedule a personalisation session with you at our location, where we understand your goals and optimise your training. That’s how we make this the best of both worlds - group training and individualisation. You will also get the chance to check us out, and decide if you like what you see!

Where? When? How much?

We have four locations across the city where we run our classes:

  • Bamboola Play School, R.A.Puram - Mornings only
  • Narada Gana Sabha, Alwarpet - Mornings only
  • Max, Perungudi, OMR - Mornings only
  • Weebees Play School, R.A.Puram - Evenings only

Rates (including GST):

  • Rs 17,700 for 3 months
  • Rs 33,630 for 6 months
  • Rs 49,120 for 9 months
  • Rs 63,720 for 1 year