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The Quadʼs S&C TM / What is it

What is the The Quadʼs S&C TM?

The Quadʼs S&C TMis what you need if you are looking to take your training to the next level. S&C stands for Strength and Conditioning, a standard term in the fitness industry, but one that’s not really heard much in India. Well, not any more. After close to 3 years of learning, experimentation, and refining, we are proud to launch The Quad’s S&C as an official service.

Goal-oriented. Regimented.

The Quad’s S&C is a precisely planned, more regimented, less frills training programme. If you are looking for shiny new toys, you might want to stick to The Quad’s BootCamp. But if you are serious, and we mean really serious, about your training goals and performance, then this is the right place for you.


At the BootCamp, we take a fun and circuitous route towards fitness, fat loss, and training. We are okay with missed sessions, and life getting in the way. Maybe you make up a session, maybe you don’t. Travel and vacations don’t hamper your progress as much.
Not so at The Quad’s S&C. There are no missed sessions. There are no variables left to chance. There are no stones left unturned.

Performance is key.

You are here looking for some serious performance improvements. Maybe you are an athlete (amateur or pro) looking to go to the next level. Or you are just a fitness nut for whom working out doesn’t cut it anymore. Regardless, if you are looking for serious gains in performance, then S&C is where you want to be.

Analyis. Data and video.

Measure, track, analyze, repeat. We will keep track of training variables, and ensure performance is always moving in the right direction. With the aid of videos and data, we will ensure that the athlete is improving all the time.

Is this better than The Quad’s BootCamp? Will I get better results?

It is different. If you have trouble staying consistent or have a laid-back approach towards working out or just want to knock off a few kilos, the BootCamp is a better fit. You can get solid results in all facets of fitness - you can get stronger, faster, more endurant and mobile. You can lose fat, and build muscle. You can improve your movement patterns. All of these are possible, and happen at our BootCamp.
The S&C is about more focus, and more intent. Consistency is a given. It's about serious training and predicted results. It is the next level.

Are there any requirements to be part of The Quad's S&C?

Absolutely! Interest is one thing. But to make the most out of S&C, an athlete needs to be able to fulfill some requirements - have a look at the right-side column for details. Besides the skill requirements, what one needs to get the most out of The Quad's S&C is attitude!

The athlete should understand the difference between training and working out. This is not about getting a sweat. This is about performance, about progression, about consistency, and about dedication. It might take weeks or months to progress, but stick to it the athlete will.

The athlete will constantly work on their weaknesses, and not just rely on their strengths.

The athlete should be an integral part of the Quad community, supporting and aiding other folks, as well as contributing to the culture.

Consistency is a must. Missing sessions should be close to nil, and reserved only for unavoidable circumstances. If making the jump from The Quad’s BootCamp, the athlete should have at least 75% attendance.

The Quadʼs S&C

Batch Timings @ Bamboola

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5am
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am

Batch Timings @ NGS

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 5am
The Quadʼs S&C

S&C requirements


An athlete should be able to demonstrate perfect form on the following movements.
  • Squat
  • Plank
  • Burpee
  • Inline crawl
  • Row
  • KB Swing
  • Deadlift
  • Thruster
  • Double KB clean
  • OH press


The athlete also needs to demonstrate reasonable strength levels. They should be able to
  • KB front squat: 50% of bodyweight for 10 reps
  • Deadlift: 75% of bodyweight for 10 reps
  • Swing: 24kg for 50 reps (men) and 16kg for 50 reps (women)
  • Pushup: 5+ for men, 1 hybrid pushup for women
  • Double KB Clean: 50% of bodyweight for 1 rep


  • Run 1k in under7 minutes
  • 20 burpees in under 1 minute