The Quad

QuadPlay: Send your kids back to the playground!

The idea behind QuadPlay?

We all know that kids need to engage in a physical activity just for joy of it. Why? Because kids need to be kids! They need quality playtime. Period.

Kids have to run around, play a sport, jump and most importantly have fun and look forward to their outdoor playtime. When we decided that we want to help kids get on a healthy path and build healthier lifestyles for the future – Quad Play was born!

With Quad Play – you don’t have to coax them with candies or bribe them with treats to get them to go to class. This will be that one hour every other day they look forward to because despite everything we aim to do, Quad Play is also about getting fit while having LOTS of fun!

Who is it for?

Quad Play is a fitness experience designed especially for kids between the ages of 7 and 14.

The little ones (7-10yrs)

Kids need a physical and mental space to express themselves and that's what we'll give them. We'll teach them how to move using games and sports, focus on coordination, proprioception and team work and help them get comfortable with their bodies from the earliest stage of development.

The slightly-older ones (11-14yrs)

We will set a foundation for their healthy future here with more structure and guidance. We will work with each child equipping them with the set of building blocks they require for a healthier tomorrow and the rest of their lives. Their coaching will be a combination of sport, calisthenics, strength training and agility.

Fun! Fun! FUN!!!

Different from one another – the kind of movements they learn, the team activities they do and the tool they use will be varied to keep their interest levels spiked and to urge them to think outside the box.

The classes are conducted with the same professionalism and personal attention that The Quad's BootCamp and S&C are conducted with. Our team of coaches and trainers will always be there to watch every child closely for the entire session. 

We will play a sport!

Because sport is an incredible unifier and teacher which will help your kids stay fit for the years to come. And the best tool for helping kids fall in love with fitness from a very young age.

And bring attention to nutrition

Our certified nutrition coaches will conduct interactive sessions with you and your kids, to educate you on better eating habits. Only by educating our kids at this early age will we be able to stem the damage that is being done by bad choices all around us!

“QuadPlay” “QuadPlay” “QuadPlay”


  • Where: Weebees Play School, RA Puram
  • When:
    • 11-14 years: 4.45pm to 5.45pm on Mon+Wed+Fri
    • 7-10 years: 4.45pm to 5.45pm on Tue+Thu+Sat
  • Duration: 12 weeks, starting from July 3rd
  • Cost: Rs 15,000 plus taxes

Interested in signing up your kid(s)?

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What happens next?

We will get in touch with you and schedule a session for you and your kid to come in and meet us, and register. It gives you a chance to meet our coaches in person, and get any/all questions answered.