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Idea behind QuadPlay

We all know that kids need to engage in a physical activity just for joy of it. Why? Because kids need to be kids! They need quality playtime. Kids have to run around, play a sport, jump and most importantly have fun and look forward to their outdoor playtime. When we decided that we want to help kids get on a healthy path and build healthier lifestyles for the future – Quad Play was born!

QuadPlay is helping kids appreciate physical activity and fitness early on, and enjoy the pursuit of it. The primary focus areas of QuadPlay are:

  • Safety and professionalism - we work in a controlled environment with privacy, with the same professionalism you've come to know of The Quad
  • Individual attention and care - we pride ourselves on having delivered this at The Quad's BootCamp and S&C, so it's no different here
  • Fun - keeping it super fun makes the kids want to come back themselves, you don't need to be coaxing them to attend classes!

Where? When? How much?

Once you fill out the form below, we will get in touch with you and schedule a session for you and your child to come in and meet us, and register. It gives you a chance to meet our coaches in person, and get any/all questions answered.

Where: Weebees Play School, R.A.Puram


  • 11-14 years: 4.45pm to 5.45pm on Mon+Wed+Fri
  • 7-10 years: 4.45pm to 5.45pm on Tue+Thu+Sat

Duration: 12 weeks, starting from July 3rd

Cost: Rs 15,000 plus taxes