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The Hindu: Metroplus

These guys are hard-core. Tough, firm and unrelenting. They don't bother with politically-correct speeches or sympathetic hand-holding. So, it's entirely appropriate that they run a boot camp. But, they're hero worshipped by the very clients they're relentlessly whipping into shape.

— The Hindu: Metroplus (read article)

The Smart CEO

People hold the notion that fat loss equals aesthetic gain. That's just a by-product. What really counts is how strong you can get

— The Smart CEO  (read article)

New Indian Express

If you have the motivation and the drive, we will take the guess work out of getting fit and help you

— New Indian Express (read article)

The Hindu: Metroplus

We conceived of a fitness regimen that would suit the Indian lifestyle. We put that into action and that's how 'The Quad' came into being.

— The Hindu: Metroplus (read article)
Business Standard

What clearly works in The Quad's favour is the individual attention the coaches give their clients, apart from the novelty of the exercises and the sense of camaraderie this kind of group workout develops, which helps motivate participants.

— Business Standard  (read article)

The Hindu: Metroplus

Unlike traditional allergies, which cause immediate reactions, gluten sensitivity is harder to pin down since it's gradual and comes in various forms: headaches, stomach cramps, bloating, anxiety, depression… This is why Chennai-based NCCA-accredited fitness trainers Raj Ganpath and Arvind Ashok, who run The Quad, advise all their clients to go completely gluten-free for six weeks as an experiment, to understand their allergies and heal their guts.

— The Hindu: Metroplus (read article)

The Times of India

It eases everyday life by teaching correct movement and strengthening the body to do difficult physical tasks.

— The Times of India (read article)
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