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The Quad's Nutrition Framework

Nutrition plays an important path in fitness and health. It is not just enough to workout in a gung-ho fashion. What you put in your mouth has a large say in what the output of the workout session is going to be.

You can have the greatest workout in the world, but if you end up eating processed food, you will not have much to show for it.

The Quad’s nutrition philosophy can be summed up in three words - Eat Real Food. Here’s why

Nutrient Density.

Real food is nutrient-dense, while processed foods are calorie-dense. The goal is to load up on nutrients, and consume adequate calories. You have a limited budget, and the best option is to spend it on nutrient-dense food.

No toxins.

Processed food contains a lot of toxins that end up damaging your gut, messing with your metabolism, and harming you over the long-term. Eating real food automatically means you are consuming high-quality, low-toxin food which improves your health.

No calorie counting.

An apple is an apple, not 100 calories. Thinking in terms of calories is unsustainable over the long-term. Instead, eating when you are hungry and eating to satiation is the ideal solution. And this is possible by eating real food. If you instead eat calorie-rich food, you will invariable feel hungry very soon. This will lead to either starving yourself, or overconsuming foods. Both are damaging to your goal!

Here’s the 39 word version: Organic vegetables, organic meat and seafood, organic dairy products, fruits, nuts, coconut, rice, and eggs. Minimize the intake of all other products. If it comes in a box, dont buy it. Use coconut oil, butter, ghee for cooking.

Fine tune your nutrition

"A background on our nutritional principles."

"What oils should you be using?"

"But dont we need to eat wheat for fiber? and other misconceptions"

"Eat egg yolks!? Really?!"

"Sugar is a problem in your household. Wanna know how?"

"A cheat sheet to help you out "

Butternut Squash Goodness eggs on peppers

What folks have to say...

The important thing I love about The Quad is the fact that it broke many myths about food. I have gained a new respect for the food that I eat, and realise how important it is to know about what we consume.

- Sriraam K

I love the fact, I could eat all of my mother-in-law's yummy cooking without any guilt whatsoever. And the ghee roasts with paneer filling after a hard workout - no diet can beat those!

- Gayathri V

Thanks largely to practical and attainable diet counseling, guidelines, and the The Quad's BootCampTM, I have achieved my goal of weight loss from 78 kg to 67 kg in about 8 months. The weight loss cost me a lot more for buying up a new wardrobe − but I loved spending money on myself, after a long time.

- Sivakumar A
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