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I am looking for a more fun and effective solution to keep fit. Even when I motivate myself to go to the gym, I don’t see results beyond a point. And I simply do not have the time to come in everyday.

Yep, we can do that! We love training, and coming up with fun ways to train. And based on your goals, we will tweak your training and nutrition to get you moving towards it. All you need to do is come in for just 3 hours a week!

What is the The Quadʼs BootCampTM?

The Quad’s BootCampTM is a fun, outdoor, group training experience unlike any other.

It is a method of training that is conceptualized based on the successes and failures of our founder-coaches Arv and Raj with various training methods - P90X, CrossFit, long-distance running, triathlon training, barbell strength training, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell training, calisthenics, plyometrics - to name a few.

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Who are you guys anyway?

The Quad is a fitness enterprise that aims to redefine the way fitness is understood and approached in India.

The Quad is an enterprise that aims to redefine the way fitness, nutrition, and health are understood and approached in India. It is the brainchild of Arvind Ashok and Raj Ganpath, our founder-coaches, and is ably flanked by a fast-growing team of people who care. We are the people who will make fitness sustainable and fun for you. We are the people who will deliver a common-sense nutrition approach to you. We are the people who will bust a whole lot of poor science and sub-par techniques in the field of fitness and nutrition. Most importantly, we are people who care, and who deliver results!

Who are you guys

While I like the fact that this is just 3 hours a week, it does seem a wee bit less. Is it?

It is hard to believe that you can have your cake and eat it too, right? 3 hours of smart training per week is all you need, coupled with enough rest and a good nutrition plan is all you need. And you will be on track towards your fitness goals.

The Quad is an awesome side-effect of improved health and performance.

- The Quad

I've tried everything. You sure this will work?

It works for 9/10 people, but that also means it doesn't work for 1/10. Our methods are scientifically-proven, field-tested and verified. And we constantly tweak and tinker to make individual customisations to ensure it works for you.

Once again, we’ve had remarkable success working with our clients by adapting sound exercise and nutrition science to suit the everyday Indian's needs. We provide a great, fun environment, a remarkable community, constant motivation, and results. The process is simple, not easy. Show up, do the work, eat real food, and the results are there for the taking.

My fitness is improving all the time and the motivation not only comes from the great staff at The Quad but from within me now, as I suppose I've realized I can do this and I can do whatever I set my mind to. Now, there's no stopping me.

- Sujata V

What kinda stuff will we be doing?

Functional movements that treat the body as one piece, which is much more than a sum of its parts, is what we will be spending our time on. The more muscle mass you recruit for a movement, the more awesome the results. Squats, swings, calisthenics, diagonal displacements, pulls, presses, sprints, plyometric training are just some of the stuff you will be doing.

And you will be using kettlebells, tyres, battling ropes and your own body to pull off these things! A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out some of the pictures of folks training at the The Quadʼs BootCampTM.

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I am willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it is sustainable. How should I eat?

That’s perfect, because sustainability is key! We'd rather leave you with a lifetime of better choices than a 3-month crash diet

"If it comes in a box, donʼt eat it!"

- The Quad

Our eating principles are simple

  • Eat real food
  • Eat when you are hungry, and eat to satiation
  • Don’t count calories
  • Skip stuff that comes in a box
  • Remove common allergens and irritants

You sure this works?

What I love the most are the exclusive and almost non-repetitive workout patterns every day, individual attention that we get and finally, the morning sunlight and the happy faces are just too much to resist and miss!

- Prem P

I did not think getting fit would be so much fun.

- Sat N
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What happens next?

We will get in touch with you and schedule a personalisation session for you to come in and meet us, and register. It gives you a chance to check out what we do, and for us to run you through what to expect, what your goals are, what customisations you might require.