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Healthcare research is at the cutting edge and medicines for all common health issues like acid reflux, headache, joint ache, fever etc., are readily available off the shelf. But the list of common illnesses has stretched beyond just the few mentioned above and now includes high cholesterol, hypertension, PCOS, migraine and much more.

Buildings are becoming taller everyday but humans are losing the ability to climb stairs without pain.

Extensive research on childcare demands more active play time between parents and children but young 30 something parents are struggling to keep up with their 3 year olds. 'My daddy strongest' doesn't quite apply to all fathers anymore.

Industrialization and technology have reduced the amount of physical labor expected out of humans but the lack of labor has made us so fragile that slip discs and low back issues are common occurrences among 20 to 40 year olds.

The words health, fitness, exercise, vitamins, minerals, running, workout, fat, carbs, protein etc., are being used more than ever. Awareness about health and fitness is high, they say. But we have more hospitals, weight loss clinics and obsessive unhappy overweight people than ever today.

Are we progressing as a nation or are we dropping the 'normal' line lower and lower each day? Are we living better lives or are we just living longer but more diseased lives? Are we using technology optimally to help us grow stronger as a race or are we abusing technology to the extent of making the human body motionless, powerless and, almost, useless?

Our goal at The Quad is to educate you about the reality of the current situation, empower you with what you need to combat the health issues you're plagued with and, hence, evolve beyond what is known as 'normal' today. We are a team of certified fitness and nutrition professionals who have each made life changes and compromises of many kinds in order to bring to you the the truth behind optimal fitness and sustainable wholesome nutrition.

We respectfully suggest you to take a few minutes off your busy stressful obsessive distraction filled schedule to read about how we came about to understand the life events that created the passion that drove our founders (and head coaches) to conceptualise and bring to life The Quad.


To me The Quad stands for people and endeavors that are genuine. I am happy I met up and signed up to be part of the Quad.

— Chitra S
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