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It all starts with the way you feel.

The way you feel when you try to climb a single flight of stairs, and struggle. The way you feel when those jeans don’t fit anymore.

The way you feel when you struggle to carry your luggage, or even your own child. The way you feel after eating that entire tub of ice cream.

The way you feel after spending hours in a gym and not seeing the results you want.

The way you feel every time you tried a new fad diet. And every time those kilos came right back where you didn’t want them. It’s frustrating. It’s agonising. And it’s certainly not fun.

We know exactly how it feels because we’ve been there. The only difference is that we chose to make this our turning point. The point where we realised that we’ve been living a suboptimal life, and it’s time to make meaningful change. For us, this meant taking control of our health and fitness, and figuring out a way to make this fun, sustainable and permanent.

Having fought our respective battles against diseases and unfit lives, we were both experiencing our turning points in our own ways when a chance meeting in California back in 2010 brought in some much-needed direction to our journeys. We now had a burning desire to work together towards a larger goal and take our fitness adventures a step further.

We spent over 3 years training different protocols, following various training plans, meeting different coaches, and working on various certifications.

Our focus never wavered.

For the next several months, we decided to try, between us, every approach there is to fitness and nutrition and a desire to learn from the best. We put ourselves through innumerable approaches be it low carb, low fat, paleo, zero carb, intermittent fasting, ayurveda, veganism, high fat, high protein and subjected our bodies to various forms of training like distance running, powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, P90x, high intensity training, plyometrics, kettlebell training, TRX, Starting Strength and functional training.

Our focus never wavered. We did all this with the goal of understanding the human body, challenging mainstream fitness and nutrition advice, working with, learning and gaining certifications from the best coaches in the world and applying and customising everything we learnt for the typical Indian. Because nothing makes sense if it doesn’t have context.

As our weight started to drop off and our fitness levels improved, we continued to work on our strength, our nutrition and our lifestyles. This process, which appeared to the outside world as an improvement in our external appearance, was actually a grand internal journey, as we found levels of strength within us, which we never knew we had. And we were driven to share this with everyone back home in India, and pretty much anyone who was willing to listen.

We worked with friends and strangers through email, phone and video conferences. Every positive change we helped create drove us to work with more people and spread the knowledge we gained through experimentation and experience.

And one fine day in 2011, we finally decided to walk the talk, packed our bags and made our way back to Madras, India to redefine fitness in our own way. And thus was born, The Quad. From our batch of 95 trainees and just the two of us as coaches, we now have 600+ trainees, in four different centres and a team of 25 passionate fitness professionals who carry our vision forward.


And what a journey it has been! This ride is everything we imagined and more, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

– Raj and Arvind


Arvind Ashok

Being the most unfit kid on his sports teams, and while discreetly piling on the kilos over the years, Arvind’s frustration towards achieving a fitter life had led him to (like many others) go down the traditional paths of “weight loss”, only to see no results. Finally, not only did he find the right path, but more importantly also found fun and passion in the process. And this is the philosophy he preaches to his clients and followers, helping them find their path to sustainable, life-long fitness and health.

Arvind is a StrongFirst Girya, and a certified nutrition coach. His journey began with self-experimentation, his highly-followed blog, ArvFit, and hours and hours of research.

An athlete himself, he has trained for and competed in Olympic triathlons, marathons and is also a club-level ultimate frisbee player in Chennai. He trains both professional athletes and others across sports such as long-distance running, triathlon racing, swimming, cricket, Ultimate frisbee and racquet sports, helping them to be injury-free and at the peak of their performance. He has worked with India’s first ever national women’s Ultimate Frisbee team as fitness coach, and continues to train many of them in their athletic pursuits till today.

As one of our head coaches, he loves the experience of working with folks new to training, and the challenge of working with advanced athletes. Arvind’s approach to coaching is to get people to be more intuitive about themselves and their training – getting them to listen to their bodies and do what feels right. He gets trainees to focus on the mental facets of training, and not just the physical ones.

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Raj Ganpath

Having lived a lazy childhood with no exercise or sport and having followed that up with a diseased teenage and unfit early twenties, Raj made a life changing decision to become healthy and fit. From that day until today he lives and breathes health and fitness. He serves as a motivator, coach, friend and teacher for thousands of people helping them lead better lives.

Raj is a certified fitness and nutrition coach who is also certified in senior fitness, Hardstyle Kettlebell training, functional training, olympic lifting (CrossFit) and biomechanics.

His well-known blog Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger is one of the top fitness blogs in the country, has been featured in national magazines and has helped inspire many hundreds of people make positive life changes. He is also a columnist on The Hindu, where he makes fitness and nutrition accessible for every reader.

Raj is also an active public speaker who busts myths and challenges people to change the way they think about nutrition and fitness. As a frequently invited speaker and chief guest, he frequently addresses hundreds of health and fitness enthusiasts at various corporates, educational institutions and Rotary chapters.

As one of our head coaches who runs entry level, specialty and advanced classes, he takes training very seriously but is also very approachable and is always looking to help. He is a stickler for good technique, has a knack for safely pushing you beyond your comfort zone and runs a real tight ship when he coaches.

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The Quad Squad

A few years back, The Quad was two people trying to make a dozen people fitter. Today, the Quad Squad is a sizeable team of passionate and driven trainers focused on transforming thousands of lives.

Whether it is an HR professional who found his calling in fitness or a film maker who decided that she wanted to guide people to lead healthier lives, many of our trainers have made the switch from their previous careers after realizing that fitness and coaching is their true calling.

While all our trainers are certified, the Quad Squad is a lot more than just certifications. It is about dedicated individuals who work hard every session, every day and every quarter to help our clients progress on their fitness and health goals, get fitter, stronger and move better.

Different People. Different Backgrounds. Different Stories. One Passion.  To redefine fitness.

Anupama M

Operations Manager

After working in the IT industry as a recruiter for several years, Anu wanted to experience startup-life! She decided The Quad was the right fit for her after reading about it and meeting the founders. Friendly, cheerful and always ready to help clients, Anu is our in-house operations star juggling waitlists, payments, registrations all at once.


Head Coach

Our Head Coach at the Perungudi location, Sudeesh is an inspiration to everyone around him.  A morning person by nature, the challenge of working with people who have different fitness goals gives him a major endorphin high. A certified personal trainer, he has played Ultimate Frisbee at National level and currently heads the OMR branch of The Quad.


Nutrition Coach

An MBA graduate turned coach – Giri loves working with people to help them become the best version of themselves, whatever it takes. He plays multiple roles inside The Quad – a fitness trainer, heads the nutrition coaching practice outside of working 1-on-1 with clients himself, manages internal talent management and recruitment! He loves Olympic weightlifting, strength training, jump ropes and football!


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Senior Trainer

A half marathoner, an expert with swings and slam balls and a NESTA certified personal trainer, Soundarya or Chow as she is fondly known, is a film-maker turned fitness coach who loves working with people and helping them get fitter! She also doubles up to train kids at QuadPlay, and is passionate about inspiring more kids to enjoy the pursuit of movement!


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Bharathi was working as a software engineer before he became a part of The Quad Squad. As a coach, he works with folks of all ages in our evening classes. His calm, patient and ever-motivating demeanour is loved by all of our clients across locations, and don’t let the smile fool you, he’ll be right behind you if he sees you making a mistake when you train at The Quad!


Senior Trainer

A telecom engineer taking a sharp turn towards fitness, Karthik Krishnan, fondly known as KK, is a SFG Level 1 certified fitness trainer who is out to help you understand the beauty of strength training. He’ll watch you like a hawk when you train, and won’t let you go without fixing your form. When he’s not coaching, you’ll find him trying out new and unique restaurants in the city!


Senior Trainer

With her elephant memory, Kavya is one of those trainers who remembers exactly how many reps every person did, so there’s no fooling her! A soup+salad cafe owner turned teacher turned fitness trainer, this is her way of giving back to the community. She also works with kids at QuadPlay, and helps them understand, accept and strengthen their body and mind.


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Senior Trainer

Sudeep skipped his final CA exams and instead went to meet the founders of The Quad. And the rest, as they say, is history. He started off as a client at The Quad and was so taken by the passion shown by the coaching team, he immediately felt he belonged here. His trainees love his style of coaching and motivation. He is also now well-known at The Quad for pressing ridiculously insane weights!



A veteran of the IT Industry, Venkat loves to be with people, giving and drawing energy from them. A keen golfer with a single digit handicap in his golfing history, Venkat is passionate about fitness that is meaningful to the everyday person. So passionate that he made the incredible shift from IT veteran to fitness trainer at The Quad, inspiring so many in the process! Calm, composed (until he eventually decomposes) and cheerful, you will find him whisper a fix or two in a trainees’ ear while being in the background.


Assistant Coach

A state level cricket player, Asif ventured into fitness to improve his game. His interest to improve his own fitness transformed into wanting to help others do the same. He now helps people get fit the “right way”, with The Quad. He is loved by trainees for his coaching style, his relentlessness until you fix your form and sometimes even for his jokes!


Senior Trainer

Magesh is a qualified physical therapist who is certified in on-field sports injuries. He is the in-house “rehab guy” at The Quad and is the best person to work with if you want to start your journey towards fitness from a point of some physical dysfunction, pain or injury. He has worked with several of our clients and relieved them of pain, rehabilitated them from injury and helped them achieve strength levels like never before!


Senior Trainer

An Ultimate Frisbee athlete who began training himself for strength, speed and agility to translate onto the field, Manoj knew early on that fitness is where he wants to be. So right after he finished a degree in mechanical engineering, he jumped right into the fitness world after convincing his parents and has been steadily working with people including athletes for over two years now. He prioritises athleticism, form and functionality over aesthetics as that’s what you can take back on to the field and in life!


Nutrition Coach

A certified Nutrition Coach, and a biotechnologist with a Master’s degree in Stem Cell Biology from University of Minnesota, Aarathi believes in simple, science backed fitness and nutrition that helped her change her own life. She now spreads the joy through coaching and helps people understand how to take charge of their lives through nutrition.


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Anupama G

Nutrition Coach

A research scientist with a double Masters in Genetics and Immunology from University of California, Davis, Anu admits that she saw true fitness results only after she paid attention to and fixed her nutrition. Her interest in science communication in the context of nutrition brought her to The Quad and she is passionate about helping people understand the science behind how to look and feel great!

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Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Sangee coaches Ultimate Frisbee at The Quad, and also moonlights as an Operations Executive, handling registrations and other internal projects. She is a national level Ultimate Frisbee athlete herself, having represented the country multiple times at World Championships! A stickler for technique in Ultimate, her trainees love her calm and composed coaching style.


Operations Assistant

With a diploma in civil engineering, Surya loves playing cricket and still plays competitive cricket in the Tamil Nadu 5th division. At eighteen, he is the youngest member of The Quad Squad and is a part of our Operations team. He’s a super strong athlete who’s also begun to play Ultimate Frisbee recently, his new love!


Operations Manager

“Banu Sir” as he is referred to with love at The Quad, Banushankar tackles the complete set of administrative tasks without fear. An Agriculturist who changed paths to become an Operations manager, he is also a well-known state level bridge player.


Marketing & Biz Dev

Having spent 10 years in sales and marketing, both for big corporations as well as startups, Ranjani now handles the marketing, branding and business growth function at The Quad. If you ever have a question about our social media presence, or are interested in a partnership with us, she’s the one you should talk to! Having played sport all her life, Ranjani loves that she’s able to spread the message about an active life, strength training and the joy of play to thousands of people.



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